About Us

Xxalt Studios
1320 S Main St #5b
Los Angeles, CA 90015, USA
(213) 745-7911

Xxalt Studios was completed during the summer of 2014 as an extension to Xxalt Records and its affiliates. Xxalt Studios was a private recording studio that catered to celebrity artists, producers, song-writers, and their referrals. Tiare, the owner, noticed the lack of partnership amongst talent in Los Angeles and decided to open its doors to the public in order to build a community that supported collaboration, creativity, and growth regardless of where one was in their career.

At Xxalt Studios, we pride ourselves on maintaining a creative, and comfortable atmosphere for all of our guests. Our recording studio was built by Dave Hampton, former technical director of Prince’s Paisley Park in Minneapolis. Our recording capabilities are comparable to popular recording studios in Hollywood and was made with Feng Shui to maximize the creative flow.

The recording studio is acoustically treated and the sound is consistent throughout the entire room. The studio is also equipped to track live instruments. In addition, there are speakers built into the wall to cater to our clients in the electronic genres. Click here to view a complete list of our equipment.